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The members of the German Leather Federation are natural persons and legal entities of domestic and foreign companies, especially tanneries and neighboring industries.

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We want to provide interesting information on all aspects of leather in an inspiring way. This should also reach people who are not familiar in the leather industry. The newsletters are written by the member associations of our umbrella organization COTANCE and are issued about eight times a year in different languages. We are happy if you like them, we are even happier if you share them. You are also welcome to send us inspirations.

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Amazon rainforest fires (UK Leather)

10. September 2019|

The true leather facts about the Amazon rainforest fires. While no one can fail to be horrified by the fires burning in the Amazon rainforest, the suggestion by Lucy Siegle that they are driven by the production of leather [ weiterlesen ]

LEATHER NATURALLY – Join Leather Naturally as a new member

LEATHER NATURALLY – An exploration of modern leather manufacturing and its position as a responsible employer and producer of a sustainable, long lasting material.


Information about some of our activities can be found here:

We act in the common interest of the leather industry. This involves economic-political interests, the exchange of opinions and information with other professional associations, information for members, community promotion of leather and prosecution of unfair competition, promotion of education and training, scientific and practical research. We do not pursue any commercial business or political purposes.

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Information – everything you want to know about it – manufacturing, terminology, regulations, standards etc.

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A term that is used very generally today. The creator of the term is Hans Carl von Carlowitz, who demanded in his Sylvicultura oeconomica in 1713 that nature and its raw materials be treated with respect and care and that only as much wood be taken from the forest as would grow back again. Leather is a natural renewable resource that is only available in the quantities that animals are slaughtered or hunted.

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Animal Welfare

Only a healthy, well treated and well feeling farm animal has a hide, a skin, which after the animal has been slaughtered can be processed by the tanner into a leather that the consumer will want to buy.

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Education and training

Offer people an attractive profession. To help people advance in their careers. Open up opportunities for people to find their mission in the leather sector. Medium-sized family businesses are a good basis for this.

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