Our tanners and their leather goods


A collector’s item in minimalist design. Timelessly beautiful and yet particularly versatile. Handmade from the finest natural leather: each BADER BAG is a unique piece that takes three or four weeks to create in many careful manufacturing steps. www.chrisbader.de

Heitmann Felle GmbH

Offers a wide range of products related to lambskins.


The Gerd-Hahlbrock workshop of the Paritätische Lebenshilfe in Hameln produces the HELLER-BAG using leather tanned by HELLER-LEDER.
The HELLER-BAG, grill aprons, door stoppers and other leather items are available for purchase. The products are sold in various retail stores:

  • Kleinod, Große Straße 7, 37616 Bodenwerder or online (https://kleinod.store/collections/heller-bags)
  • Boutique Annette, Baustraße 8, 31785 Hameln
  • FashionStore, Obere Straße 19, 37603 Holzminden
  • Alwine – living and giving, Hauptstraße 13, 38527 Meine
  • Ahrens Zuhause, Mittlere Straße 19, 32676 Lügde
Rudolf Hofbrucker GbR

Hofbrucker produces lambskins in the Bavarian Forest and processes them into items including baby articles, shoes and home accessories.

Ledermanufaktur MK – Michael Kilger

“From raw cowhide to finished belt, all in one company.” Vegetable-tanned leather has been produced at the Kilger leather factory for 160 years. More than 10 years ago, the decision was taken to add one more step in the value chain. The outcome is the production of their own unique leather products in the leather factory, created by hand with love, care and passion.

Das Lederband

Das Lederband is a subsidiary of Weinheimer Leder GmbH. Wonderfully soft, beautiful and practical products are produced here that will give you and your dog many years of pleasure.

Leather manufacturers, restoration, cobblers and all of those who make leather even more beautiful

The origin of the leather is traceable in all the manufactured products mentioned here.

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