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Amazon rainforest fires (UK Leather)

The true leather facts about the Amazon rainforest fires. While no one can fail to be horrified by the fires burning in the Amazon rainforest, the suggestion by Lucy Siegle that they are driven by the production of leather (Burning issue: how fashion’s love of leather is fuelling the fires in the Amazon ) is… [ read more ]

Renouncing leather?

Renouncing leather? Helsinki Fashion Week: Certain groups make us believe renouncing leather means no more suffering animals in the world. Is that such simple? Meat industry: The renunciation of leather means that the meat industry will not be able to use the hide/skin as a by-product, it has to be disposed. The meat industry will… [ read more ]

How well are animals protected in Germany and Europe?

How well are animals protected in Germany and Europe? Carry on reading and find out! Who hasn‘t come across this kind of thing – in the media and the Internet, you are repeatedly confronted with scandalous articles reporting that animals (including farm animals) are suffering. And when you read something like that, you ask yourself… [ read more ]